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Lunden Jewellery is a brand that is designed and handcrafted by Meaghan McRae, based out of Vancouver, BC. McRae was born in Vancouver but raised in Kelowna, BC. She grew up in a family of musicians where she was the artsy one, loving all things creative and messy. McRae was naturally at home in her father's workshop amongst the tools, construction and sawdust where anything imaginable could be made or repaired. Moving back to Vancouver, she found her way through a few post-secondary schools with 3D sculpture being the constant underlying focus. Eventually she studied the art and design of jewellery at Vancouver Community College and found that it was the perfect hands-on skill for her with the right balance of design, technical execution, freedom to create and of course, a healthy dose of playing with fire! From there she grew her skills while being inspired by Baroque architecture, historical jewellery of her own ancestry (Celtic, Norse and Gitxsan), traditional tattoo culture, rock music culture and a variety of mini obsessions like swords, Faberge eggs and old playings cards. McRae favours bold, androgynous designs that reminds the wearer to be fearless in celebrating exactly who they are without pretence.

Her current source of inspiration comes from Vanitas paintings, a style of still life painting made popular during the 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age. They are beautifully dark and luscious paintings showing a collection of objects that remind us to not give the vanities of life any importance and that life itself is fleeting, so go make use of it by doing what you love!

 Born wild. Stay wild. 

Portrait by Rennie Brown

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